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Summer Share #14 of 21: 9/8+9/10 Sign Up for the Winter Share

by Erin and Steve on 09/06/20

**Reminder to everyone in the Summer Share that it is now time to reserve and pay for your Winter Share. Info about the share is on this very website under the tab 'CSA Shares'. Please bring your payment of $240 with you to pick up your vegetables this week. It looks like we are on pace to sell out in the next 2 weeks. If you have emailed me with interest in the Winter Share I will email you back with more info at the end of the week**
Week #14 of the Summer Share means week #9 of tomatoes!! Yeah, that's right. We keep thinking the tomatoes are trailing off and then BOOM, we harvest and have just as much as the previous bi-weekly harvest! But I really do think THIS is the last big harvest, I swear...unless they surprise me again. What makes this such a great tomato year you ask? Well the plants had amazing fruit set from the jump. That paired with a hot, dry-ish Summer means a lot ripened and we are still harvesting quantity. Now these cool nights are the real red flag that the tomatoes are starting to call it quits for the year (which reminds me to remind you to grab any extra tomatoes from the share room when you come to pick up your share this week...they will only be less sweet from here on out because of shorter days an cooler nights).
Now if you're one of these crazies whose like, "MORE tomatoes?, there's been so much" then I'd like to remind you that we are on week #9 of tomatoes of the 52 weeks that exist in the year. Tomatoes from the grocery store, or out of season tomatoes from some other region or country, or from a hydroponic business don't count as tomatoes BTW because they taste like foam and probably have the nutrition of it, too. If you don't like to can tomatoes, you can always just freeze a zip lock's that easy. Then you can use them to make your own sauce of any kind once you thaw them.
As for the farm, we are trying to get things done in a timely manner in-between harvesting everything. It wasn't until Thursday around 10am last week that I finally got to do something on the farm that did not include harvesting. Which means it's difficult to get a lot of essential farm tasks done related to the change of seasons when you have to harvest.all.the.time. Believe me I am thankful for the bounty of the year for sure, and also for some of the failures because I do not know how we would get everything done otherwise! Ha.
This week marks the end of the Summer cover cropping season and the beginning of the Fall one. It also marks the transition to doing things now for next year. Seriously. We are doing things now in the fields for next season already. I'm also having to put in serious time in the office to aid in the planning. We finally made it to September and the crazy part of the season is past, but the workload is the same just filled with different work.
This week's share will include: zucchini, winter squashes, carrots, beets, peppers, eggplant, kohlrabi, kale, onions, cabbage, celery, salad radishes and turnips, as well as head lettuce, brussels sprout tops, tomatoes, greens, and spinach for everyone.
The fruit season continues to surprise us. We were informed by the grape grower that the grape harvest season will be fast and furious this year. We usually get grapes every other week, but this season they will be back to back since they are comin' in hot. So the fruit share will include table grapes, peaches, nectarines, and plums.

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