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Summer Share #13 of 21: 9/1+9/3 Everyday I'm harevesting/Winter Share Sign Up

by Erin and Steve on 08/30/20

Woohoo, here we come September! Why are we so excited? Because the bugs and the weeds are officially trailing off, that is cause for celebration! After a season full of battling bugs using USDA/NOFA-NY Organic Standards (though we are not certified, instead we are a NOFA-NY Farmer's Pledge farm), and sometimes failing, it is a welcome time of year as we are all starting to notice how tired we are. No, the bugs aren't gone, but they aren't destroying entire crops anymore and that helps us free up valuable mind-space to start focusing on the plan for bringing in the harvest. That's right, the start of September marks the last dates we can safely plant Summer-ish cover crops before being forced to plant Fall/Winter ones, and it is also the time to start bringing in ALL the storage crops. From now until the beginning of November marks the heavier lifting part of the season. It also means that I think the rains will start picking up as it's been a pretty dry year.
Storage crop harvest actually begins with onions, but they are on a different time schedule than the other storage crops. We just finished bringing in the last of the storage onions last week (which, as mentioned before, is way later than normal). For all the info you need on our onion crop please read previous posts as well as clicking on the camera icon above this post to view pictures of the farm and the onion harvest on Instagram (you do not have to have an account to view our pictures). But the real storage crop haul starts with the fall and winter squashes. They have all matured way faster than normal because of the heat...they never had to live through the cold May that the onions had to. So the kabochas, acorn, and spaghetti squashes have already come in from the fields, but we still have more squashes like butternuts and pie pumpkins to bring in once they are ready. Then it moves on to tubers and root crops all the while still harvesting everything for the shares! It's a lot of heavy lifting, did I mention that already? Hmmm.
2 Reminders:
1) Tomatoes are still for sale for a $dollar a pound again this week in the share room. We definitely had our last 'big' tomato harvest of the season so get yours now (and make sure not to can tomatoes grown with chemicals that then get concentrated in your tomatoes that you are preserving...this includes everything called 'home grown' and 'amish grown')
2) Don't forget to sign up for the Winter Share. Look in your inbox for all the info you need to sign up!
Anyhoo, this is what is in the share this week: zucchini, yellow squash, kabocha squash (the tastiest of the winter squashes), beets, carrots, eggplants, peppers, kohlrabi, kale, onions, cabbage, salad radishes, celery, and potatoes, as well as tomatoes, greens, lettuce, and more winter squash!
The fruit share will include seedless table grapes, peaches, plums, and nectarines.

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