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Summer Share #10 of 22: Real Summertime

by Erin and Steve on 08/03/19

There are officially 7 more weeks of Summer. That is almost 2 more months of Summer, which means that we are only a little over a third of the way through the season because Summer is 3 months long. So why are people saying the Summer is almost over...IN THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST? Now you're probably saying to yourself, 'because school is going to start soon'. School starts almost 5 weeks from now. Now my mother used to get mad at me when I would say "Just chill out" to her, but seriously just chill out and enjoy the real Summertime! Stop worrying about when you're going to have to purchase a pumpkin to put on your porch. It's Summer not almost Fall.
To add to that the Summer crops had to endure a freakin cold, wet Spring so I am going to enjoy the Summertime bounty while I can. Why? Because you can't beat the flavor. Seriously. So enjoy this week's share that includes: zucchini, summer squashes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, radicchio, cabbage, scallions, fresh onions, peppers, some eggplant, maybe...we'll see, head lettuce, potatoes, canteloupe (we harvest these fresh just like everything else here so do not put them on your counter; if you do not understand this statement come talk to me and I'll explain how grocery stores work as opposed to farms), tomatoes, more cucumbers, fennel, kale, and chard. The fruit share will include blueberries, apricots, and plums.

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