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Summer Share #10 of 21: 8/11+8/13 If You Enjoy the Fruit Don't Forget Who Planted the Tree

by Erin and Steve on 08/09/20

We collectively made it to August. This is a BIG moment for farmers across the country. If you as a farmer have made it to this point in the season without burnout then good on you. But most likely the farmer(s) in your lives are in burnout mode right now and waiting for some give in August, which may or may not happen. We try to have most of one day off a week during the season, but it doesn't happen often. Case and point this week; we only worked until 3pm yesterday and are hoping to be done again by 3 today so we can be "rested" for our 10 hour work day every Monday. Now you might be saying to your self "Woooooo 10 whole hours of work" or something like that, but I just explained we don't get days off. So 10 hour work days come August when it's going to be 90 degrees can feel like drudgery. Not because I don't like the work or don't like to work. It's because I'm tired and the nature of our work is tiring.
This is the time of year we lean hard on the endless planning we did over the winter. The timing and amounts of every variety of every crop that we grow is selected and planned for starting in December (who am I kidding, there are lists of notes for next season already). And yes, I'll say it again so I am sorry to all of you who have to read this 2 or 3 times a year: WE GROW EVERYTHING IN THE VEGETABLE SHARES! As stated on the website you are currently on we grow all the vegetables, melons, flowers and herbs in the share. We do not grow anything in the fruit share, which is why on the Fruit Share Board we state where the fruit has come from that week. There have been years that we have had entire crop failures. The last one was in 2017 when we lost between 60 and 70% of the potato crop due to an unfortunately timed 4 inches of rain in 2 days. If we buy something from someone else for any share we right down where it came from, but this RARELY happens.
So here is all the stuff we grew that is being harvested this week: zucchini, summer squashes, beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, scallions, head lettuce, fennel, potatoes and sweet corn and melons and tomatoes.
Here is the stuff we did not grow that will be in the fruit share: blueberries, peaches and plums. **As always fruit farmers are having a tough year due to the insanely cold first 2 weeks in May when there were multiple days and nights unseasonably below freezing. These temperatures froze the flowers and buds on fruiting trees and killed the crop that should be being harvested now. Yes climate change affects your food supply.**

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1. Carol Skop said on 8/13/20 - 10:13AM
I spent several hours yesterday afternoon working out in the sun (painting, weeding) and couldn’t help thinking of all of you working on the farm. People marveling at the wonderful beach weather - but to me it is hot, sweaty, exhausting just being in the sun, let alone working, with all that entails. I get a feel for it when I pick out in the bean U-pick field and you do it for 10 hours!! Cannot thank you enough.

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