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Summer Share #10 of 20- 8/10+8/12: I Got the Finger

by Erin and Steve on 08/08/21

Since, let's call it the "COVID era", began people have been taking on more home improvement type projects. I know a lot of people are hiring out the work, but I think a good amount of people are taking on the work themselves. Sounds great, I just want to be sure they are being careful with a mind for safety! Learning new skills is awesome, but one thing I learned in my teenage years is that people who are REALLY good at something make that something look super easy. Almost so easy that one might think to themselves, "well I could do that". Case and point is happening right now, the Olympics. In a poll of Americans apparently 40% of us think we could compete in the Olympics. This made me laugh, out loud, hysterically, when I first heard it.
Back to the home improvement point: Steve and I have a few MD's in our families, and one is a radiologist. She told me, she can't figure out why, but she gets a patient in the ER who has cut off at least one finger once a week. It's become so routine that she just expects it now. I suspect it is a hybrid of a DIY mentaility mixed with the delusions of grandeur explained by the Olympic poll. Hmmm. Just a deep take on some cultural shifts brought on by said COVID era.
As for the farm, we are ticking right along. This week will be a hot one, but it is August after all, and in order for things to ripen we need the sun and warmth! Speaking of ripening this week's share will include: melons, tomatoes, sweet corn, carrots, beets, zucchini, summer squashes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, lettuce, fennel, and potatoes.
Fruit Share will include stone fruit like peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines.

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