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Summer Share #1 of 21: 6/9+6/11 We're Starting!

by Erin and Steve on 06/06/20

Yeah for the start of the Summer Share. We often talk about how crazy we are for farming the way we farm. The amount of diversity in the crops we grow and the fact that we have to have enough for 300 families weekly for the entirety of the growing season is CRAZY! But this year farming has been the most sane thing happening. And we are happy to be able to feed you all. I hope that you have some comfort knowing that clean, healthy veggies are grown right here in your community for you.
The share room is going to look a little different this year. We've doubled the size of the share room by adding a tent to the front of the barn. There is a new exit door out the back so that you don't have to double back through the share room. There are also green dots spray painted on the floor to help you keep a 6 foot separation from the person in front and in back of you; only go to the next green dot if the person ahead of you has left their dot. And also it is mandatory to wear a mask while under the tent and in the share room (this is also state law mind you). We are excited to see all of you again, but we are going to have to wait to hug and chit chat until it's safe again, unfortunately. There is a detailed list of guidelines included in the email sent out, and then resent just yesterday. Check your spam folder and mark our email address as 'safe' if you think you didn't get it (you did ;)
The fields are looking great (knock on wood...ha), and the first share this year is a hefty one! It includes greens, head lettuce, and bok choy for everyone as well as a choice of carrots, radishes, broccoli, kale, chard, broccoli raab, sprouting tot soy, and more!

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1. Judy said on 6/8/20 - 06:28PM
The asparagus was heavenly. Any possibility of more?
2. Carol Skop said on 6/10/20 - 09:08AM
I am greatly comforted by your presence in our community. Thank you for you consistent hard work and great quality veggies. Here is my virtual ‘hug’.

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