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Summer Share #1 of 20- 6/7+6/9 First Summer Share Distribution

by Erin and Steve on 06/04/22

The very first share distribution for the Summer Share season starts this coming week! We are all excited to kick things off and see all you all again, and to welcome all you new members, too. There should be an email in your inbox with all the info you need to show up to the first share. If it is not there please look in your spam folder and then save our email address to your address book. If you have changed your email recently it may have been sent to your old address.
Emily from the Savage Wheat Project will be here for the duration of the pick ups on Tuesday and Thursday this week. So instead of pre-ordering she will have stuff to purchase and you can sign up for a share while you are here grabbing your vegetables.
Anyway, things are kickin' here at the farm, and there is a lot on our minds right now. From seeding in the greenhouse and in the fields, to transplanting, turning over ground in the tunnels and in the big fields, trying to keep up with mowing!!!, weeding, scouting for pests, trying to stick to the field schedule, keeping deer out of the fields, managing a crew of awesome people helping us out, and organizing the share for all 300 of you. It's a lot, but luckily we're optimists and like to see the best in everything/one. Keeping perspective (a favorite word of Steve's), doing the job we love (the actual farming part), and juggling all of the people in the community (workers, helpers, members, neighbors, etc.) surrounding us can be a lot to handle. But with the right approach we are able to get it all done ;) Sometimes I use humor to help. You'll see that a lot on here. If you're not in to laughing or finding the humor in life that's absolutely fine...just skip to the end of the blog to get your list of veggies (and maybe stay off Facebook for a month or two.....seeee that's a joke, but srsly). Remember, the farm is our home, and we have invited all of you to join us this season. We love growing amazing food for our surrounding community, it is why we got into farming over 15 years ago. So if you are thinking of marching over here, try skipping instead!
This week's share will include head lettuce, spinach, bok choy, greens, cauliflower, and some root veggies, too!

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