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Spring Share #5 of 5- 5/24+5/26 The Final Spring Share Pick Up

by Erin and Steve on 05/21/22

We've reached the last week of the Spring Share. After the last Spring Share pick up we will have a week with no distribution until the Summer Share starts on June 6th and 8th. If you have a Summer Share, we will be sending out an informational email about the share within the next week. We will then also send out a reminder email the weekend before the first Summer pick up.
It's what is referred to as 'Planting Season' right now. This means the weather has broke and it's time to plant our brains out. Plant, plant, plant, harvest, water, plant, plant, weed, harvest, plant. Did you catch that? That's right, the weeds are already to rock and roll for the season, but we're pretty busy planting. Those little weeds and really ruin a good day, and a good crop. But with our shorter growing season here in WNY there are crops you have to get in the ground now if you plan on ever harvesting them before it gets cold again.
Needless to say our focus is about 90% on planting, which leaves little room to focus on anything else. That being said, please keep this in mind if you send us emails or have concerns about your share. It will all work out. I promise... as long as we can get everything that needs to be planted planted. We are farmers, yes, but we are humans, too. And this land is our farm. that we built. and open it up for others to enjoy. Please be kind.
This week's Spring Share will include radishes, turnips, carrots, asparagus (hopefully), herbs, bunched greens, head lettuce and spinach!

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