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Spring Share #2 of 5: May Flowers

by Erin and Steve on 05/02/20

With all the crazy going on these last 2 months, it's hard to complain about anything else. Including how cold it's been (and there is a chance for snow this week!!). We have been experiencing a lot of demand for our vegetables, and I've started feeling bad about not being able to meet people's needs. I am happy people are turning to the local food economy and hoping that they are realizing how important it is for a community to be able to raise it's own food and for farmers to make a living at it. It is important because in times of crisis everyone needs to lean on it, but in good times people tend to neglect it and small family farms serving small communities start to disappear. We want to feed more people, but we also want people of Western New York to know that we are a small cog in the Western New York local food economy. And I hope you remember from now until forever to make sure our local food economy is robust, so it will always be there in times of need.
Enough from the soap box; though there is snow in the forecast there are flowers blooming outside and fresh veggies are starting to grow a little faster. We just planted the first of our tomatoes, under cover of course, and are reminded of the joy that a fresh tomato brings.
This week's share will include: Spinach, Lettuce Mix, Zesty Shoots Mix, and a choice of arugula, baby kale, radishes, broccoli raab, salad radishes and turnips, chives, and celeriac.

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