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Share #2 of 21: 6/16+6/18 Even Steven and No Karens

by Erin and Steve on 06/13/20

Thank you everyone who picked up their share last week! Thank you for looking out for our little farm community and making sure everyone who has a share feels comfortable coming to the farm to pick out their veggies. I had 4 people tell me that their trip to the farm was their first time out of their house since mid-March. It makes me happy that those people who are most vulnerable in our community feel most comfortable coming to the farm. We also are thankful to Clara the volunteer who delivered a share to a family in quarantine.We also bagged shares for people who still feel that they cannot come into the share room. (This is an option for anyone who does not want to be at the farm while others are around; just call or text during your share pick up hours and we will bag a share for you and place it outside under the tent for you to pick up after 6:30). I also was told of one death as a direct result of contracting COVID19. I don't like talking about the virus, but I do think it is important to be reminded of these numbers and lives in order to stay vigilant in continuing to fight back and DO SOMETHING to stop the spread. For info on the pandemic visit
We also feel lucky that New York State as a whole is seeing declining COVID cases, and so is Erie County, which is a direct result of citizens doing their best to stop the spread. There are 19 states currently seeing a rise in cases, and quite a few hot spots scattered around the country. So thank you everyone who is doing their part in social distancing and wearing a face mask to stop the spread so we can eventually get back to normal (whatever that will eventually look like).
This is the time of year when there starts to be more to do than can be done on the farm. The growing season in WNY is short, but freaking crazy! But it's been an interesting year where something goes wrong, but something else in or out of our control goes right. Kind of like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is Even Steven. In the episode he loses a gig and then another pops up for the same date and pay. He plays cards and ended up with same money he started with. Elaine throws a $20 bill out his apartment window and he finds a $20 in the pocket of a coat he hasn't worn in a while. We planted our first tomatoes out in the field before that crazy cold weather in May. I thought they may all die so we potted extra for our 3rd planting. Turns out they didn't all die and now we have about the same (actually a little more) tomatoes than planned. We are also having difficulties getting some supplies and seeds delivered to the farm that would normally not be a problem. A third of our sweet potato slips disappeared somewhere in the FedEx system and are probably a box of rot in some warehouse right now. But I had ordered slips from somewhere else and they packed extra and so we ended up planting about the same amount as we had planned. I wish I could think of every little instance this has happened this year, but I'll take Even Steven in a year like 2020!
I hope everyone has had a good week and we look forward to another safe share distribution that will include: Head lettuce and greens for everyone as well as a choice of carrots, radishes, beets, broccoli, bok choy, kohlrabi, salad turnips, kale, and chard. There maybe garlic scapes for everyone too; if not then they will be in next week.

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