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Off Week for the Winter CSA

by Erin and Steve on 01/25/21

There is no pick up this week for you Winter Share members, but there is a lot goings ons.
If you are on the wait list and received a sign up email from us please respond ASAP there are currently 4 more spots available for 2021. If you have not received an email from us to sign up it is because we are not to your name yet...and I'm sorry for that. We had the best share renewal rate we've ever had and simply do not have as many open spots for new comers. This makes me sad, but also we don't really have a choice. We are limited by space: physical space as far as prime farmland, u-pick fields, and parking space (no we are not going to take away more farmland for parking spaces). Anyhoo, I am sorry for not being able to accommodate everyone.
We also just finished "attending" via Zoom, the NOFA-NY Winter Conference. We gleaned a little from all the sessions we attended, so we are already incorporating what we learned into our upcoming season.
Also the friggin' Bills lost last night. It was ugly, and I could barely watch. I guess now that I don't have to think about them in the Super Bowl anymore that frees up some mental space ;)
The last Winter Share pick up is next week, so look for an email from us at the end of this week.
Onwards and upwards

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