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No Share Pick Up this Week

by Erin and Steve on 12/05/20

There is absolutely no share pick ups this week. It is the first relaxing week we will have since we were all in quarantine. I'm excited thinking about all the stuff I'm gonna do, including crop planning for 2021, building a puzzle, and watching movies among other things. Soon hunting season will be over so hiking will be on the list soon, too.
For those who noticed changes in the share room this last week we are in the middle of insulating the share room in the barn so we can heat it come January and February. We are doing this because we usually go into the root cellar for Wintertime share distribution, but the space is too small for COVID safety. There is also only one way in and one way out so it really isn't a good option during a global pandemic (not that there could ever be a pandemic these days that didn't include the whole world, but I like to remind everyone that we are not the only ones living the pandemic).
So come January we will have the share room in the barn heated and will have watched all 8 of the Harry Potter movies. The 2021 season will all be planned and Steve and I might be a few pounds heavier ;)
Oh but we do have 1 more share pick up this month next week. It will be the last of the bigger sized shares for the Winter because afterwards we go on an even longer break!
Remaining Winter Share dates:
December 15th or 17th
January 5th or 7th
January 19th or 21st
February 2nd or 4th

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