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My How Time Flies

by Erin and Steve on 04/10/21

Wow, I knew I took a small break from the weekly updates, but I didn't think it was a whole month! The weather has been so unseasonably warm that we've been a lot busier than normal at this point in the season. The Springs have been getting warmer and earlier every year usually followed by some cold, wet weather come May. So that is what we are planning will happen.
This warmer, drier weather is making it easier to get all the field work done that cold wet weather usually prevents from happening. It is the goal of all farmers to get on their land as early as the weather allows, and to just work until the weather stops you. But not this season. We have already worked our early fields and spread compost on all of them. We are getting cover cropping done and some field crop seeding done already, too (ie carrots, spinach, and salad turnips).
But the hammer will inevitably fall at some point and it will be a struggle to stay on schedule. But for now we're just getting stuff done, including our vaccinations for COVID! How wonderful will it be when I won't have to bring a mask with me to work because by the end of this month everyone here on the farm will be vaccinated!!
Here's to another wonderful season on the farm ;)

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1. Teri said on 4/10/21 - 05:08PM
Looking forward to seeing all of you in the near future. I too am fully vaccinated!

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