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Down Time

by Erin and Steve on 01/11/21

This is another "off week" for our Winter Shares, but it is an "on week" for us for sure! We got the seeds for this whole coming season ordered already, now it's time for all the tax and payroll loose ends to be tied and delivered (a part of owning a farm I dislike doing). We also have an immense amount of planning to continue from our end-of-the-year meetings we had. It includes ways to continue to improve and make our work easier...which somehow always feels like we are climbing to the top of a mountain only to find it was just a small plateau on the side of an even bigger mountain. These planning sessions remind me of that Price Is Right 'Cliffhangers' Game where the Swiss yodeling music plays as the little man climbs the mountain only to succeed and win the prize or fall off the mountain. We'll see which is it this season..haha.
We are looking to the future with hope for what 2021 may bring. We just got informed that all essential food producers are in tier 1b of the COVID vaccine distribution which means soon everyone showing up to work to grow and pack food for the masses will be able to access a vaccine. This is great news. I am trying not to think too much about our days getting "back to normal" because I don't want to waste too much mental space daydreaming, but this is a step toward being able to be inside a packed building with my fellow community members enjoying each others company. How wonderful it will be... eventually.
Snapping back to reality, we are also making sure to really make some downtime to honestly just do nothing. It's an important part of resting and renewing for the season coming. I always say I hibernate during these months. Plus we gotta be ready for the coming 'Roaring 20's' that will inevitably happen once we get rid of COVID!

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